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I have been struggling with Marine Corps Recruiting Duty as much as you all. I have gotten several emails regarding how I stay positive and how to make it through recruiting duty. It isn't always easy, I have to admit. But I have learned some things that may be helpful for those that are just starting or about to start on USMC Recruiting Duty.

The one thing that I found helpful is getting involved. It doesn't matter what you get involved in, but do something that is just for yourself. I started going back to school this semester (hence why I haven't posted lately :). I found something I really love and decide to pursue it. I am getting my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design because I love working on websites, blogs, advertisements, etc. 

Finding something that is just for me helped me to find myself again. I was so wrapped up in being a wife and mom that I forgot who I was. (Part of that was being a stay at home mom for the first time). Meeting new people and making friends helped me to adjust to USMC recruiting duty. It also gives me something to do when my husband isn't home or working late. I don't worry as much about when he's going to be home when I have to write a paper or complete a project.

Another thing I did was sign me daughters up for activities. We do dance, Girl Scouts, art meetings, and the church youth group. Running them around keeps me from missing my spouse at dinner time. Instead I worry about ensuring the children are fed before or after activities.

I don't wait and hope he'll come home any longer. Instead I keep a plate in the microwave or oven and if he eats when he gets home, great. If not it can be wrapped and thrown in the fridge. This also keeps me from calling him ten times to see when he's coming home for dinner!

I am also a Girl Scout Troop Leader for my daughter's troop. It keeps me very busy during the school year with rallies, planning meetings, shopping for activities, making charts, and planning field trips. I love working with the girls and watching them grow. 

Girl Scouts offers my daughters and I activities throughout the year. We can participate in community service projects, field trips, fun events, and day and overnight trips. For instance, we just went to the Eco Fair and next week we'll help with a fall festival and attend a Halloween Party all in a safe environment.

Because I'm the troop leader I have to attend any event we go on. I stopped asking my husband when he was going to be home and just assume he won't be. If he is home while we're out then he gets time for himself or he watches my youngest. It works out for all of us.

Having a full schedule has it's advantages, but it can also get overwhelming at times. I try to take it a day at a time but there are days when I wish I didn't have so much to do. Sometimes I just need a quick relaxing visit with a friend to keep me sane.

Other things I have found helpful during recruiting duty has been having friends I can count on. I've met many people while here but not all of them where positive friends. I have learned to minimize my time with negative people. Instead I surround myself with people who are supportive and positive.

Being on United States Marine Corps recruiting duty can be very lonely for both the Marine and his family. But waiting at home for your spouse to return home is a sure way to depression. Finding activities that make you and your family happy will help all of you in the long run. Your spouse will also feel less pressured as he won't have to worry about entertaining his family. Then he can focus on mission accomplishment.

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