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I attended a conference at the command last weekend. It was geared toward USMC Recruiting Spouses. The Deputy Family Readiness Officer from each command chose 6 spouses from the various recruiting substations (RSS) to attend the course. I was chosen because we live the furthest out from the command and my husband is the SNCOIC of the station.

I traveled to the station Wednesday and checked into the hotel. The conference was held at a Marriott Hotel near the Headquarters. After check-in we had a meet and greet with all the spouses from the entire Recruiting Region. It was great meeting other wives (and on husband) who understood the challenges I was facing. Of course, not all of the wives were understanding. 

I overheard one of the wives talk about how upset she would get when her husband would receive text messages or phone calls from a female recruiter in her husband's office. She was irate because her husband was receiving phone calls during their time. I thought to myself: there is no "our time" on recruiting duty. I decided to not add my two cents and walked away.

The rest of the conference was eventful. I must say it had a ton of information that is useful to both new and seasoned spouses. The two day event featured guest speakers from Tricare, One Source, Wells Fargo, a Chaplain, and several others. Topics included Recruiting 101, Casualty Assistance, Budgeting and Financial Management, Marriage Enrichment and many more.

Some of the speakers provided a large amount of information in a short period of time. Overall it was a great course and I'm glad I got the opportunity to attend. I was able to reach out to other wives and exchange contact information. There were those that were just starting on recruiting duty and those that had been out here for six years (their husbands are career recruiters). 

Much of the information provided I wish I had known a year ago when we started on Marine Corps Recruiting Duty. But there was information passed that I can use now, and more importantly that I can pass on to the new families checking into our station. And we should have a new recruiter within the next few months.

I was offered a volunteer position as a Family Readiness Assistance. Its a big responsibility and I'm not sure if I have the time to do it. I would be required to help out at not only our RSS but two or three others as well. And I would be required to attend monthly or quarterly meetings (frequency to be determined). As much as I would love to reconnect with the wives, I'm not sure if I can miss out on classes and family every month. I would also be required to attend training and would need a sitter to watch the girls while I was gone. It's a lot to think about.

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  1. heather5:07 PM

    Thanks for the info been on RD for almost a year now and i just asked my rediness officer when the next spouse course is thanks to your article :) Today has been a rough day as im sure you know how many of those are ;) so it was nice to stumble upon your articles!