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When Mike got the news that he'd be going on recruiting duty we weren't surprised. We knew that the team was coming to our area and we knew he had made the list. See all Marines need to complete a B billet to progress in their career. Well, they don't really have to, but then they run the chance of not getting promoted or being swept away on recruiting duty at an inconvenient time. 

You may be asking "What is a B Billet?"

A B billet is basically a job outside of a Marine's MOS (military occupational specialty) or job. The B billets help the Marine Corps feel positions and are basically required of all career Marines. Currently the acceptable B Billets are: 
Marine Security Guard (MSG/Embassy Duty)
Marine Combat Instructor, SNCO (Staff Non-Commissioned Officers -SSgt's and Above) Academies
Marine Corps Security Forces,
Drill Instructor
Recruiting Duty

Marines can put in for a B billet anytime after their first enlistment, however each one has its own rules and regulations. Your spouse should speak with his Career Planner if he's interested in completing one of these assignments.

In any case, we found out he was selected for Marine Recruiting duty when I was still pregnant with our second child. When he went for his interview he requested a later class date so that he could spend time with Lily before he started working. His interviewer approved the class change and Mike was able to see the birth of his daughter.

When Lily was three months old he went off to San Diego, California for 7 weeks to Recruiter's School. While he was soaking up the sun and lying on the beach, I was home with the children and pets. Okay, he didn't really have time to lie on the beach, but he did soak up the sun. He did have homework every night and     was exhausted both physically and mentally.

The last two or three weeks of class, he received his orders to his new duty assignment. We did learn that he would return to his duty station of Marine Corps Recruiters School to collect us, his family. He had to send me his orders so that I could secure a date for our Household Good's Shipment. In order for TMO to move our belongings I had to have his orders and a power of attorney. I was able to set up the date for the day after he got home.

From there I had to turn in our 30 day notice to our landlord. I did search for housing at his new assignment, however we were unable to enter into any leasing arrangements. This policy is put in to affect to help the Marine. Each recruiting station covers a wide area, sometimes several states. For instance, Mike's Headquarters are a three hour drive from his recruiting station. Even if the Marine Corps assigned him to one station, he may get moved to another station. That's why it's important to check into the command and speak with the Sergeant Major before securing any housing arrangements. After you check in the command will grant leave and in some cases, up to ten days of house hunting.

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