Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Marine Corps Recruiting Duty. If you have any questions you would like answered that are not on this page please feel free to Contact Me. No question is silly. If you have a question someone else probably does too.

Q: How long is Marine Corps Recruiters School and where is it located?

A: Marine Corps Recruiters School is in San Diego, California and it is approximately seven weeks long. You can find class dates on the official USMC Recruiters School website.

Q: Will my spouse report from school to his duty station or will he return home for me?

A: Your spouse will return home to his command and will be further directed to his new duty assignment.

Q: Where will my spouse be stationed for Marine Corps Recruiting Duty?

A: As always it depends on the needs of the Marine Corps. The school will generally try to work with the individual to get them near the recruiting station of their choice. Those that graduate at the top of their class will have preference, however not many Marines are trying for the same station. 

Q: Can I schedule a Household Goods Shipment with the Traffic Management Office prior to my spouse graduation from Recruiters School?

A: Yes. But you will have to wait until he receives his orders from the school house. This usually occurs during the last week or two of his class. You will also need a Power of Attorney to schedule the move. Contact your local TMO for a list of all required documentation.

Q: Can I purchase/rent a home as soon as we get our orders?

A: You should wait until you check into your new command before making any housing arrangements. Many times things change and you may be assigned to a different station that originally planned. 

Q: Do I get 30 days leave before I check in to my new duty station

A: You should check into your command as soon as possible after you are released from your old duty station. Once you check in you will be assigned a recruiting substation, do your travel claim, and start your special duty pay. Your command will give allow you to go on leave after you check in so you can make the appropriate housing arrangements.

Q:  Can, or is it appropriate to attend the graduation? 

A: Families are welcome to attend recruiter school graduation. If you arrive before graduation, your spouse may not be able to spend a large amount of time with you, however he will be able to share a hotel room with his family. He will also need to make travel arrangements with his command and should ask for a day or two of leave while in California. This is especially true if he was using government air as his mode of travel. Keep in mind that many families do not attend this graduation due to costs and distance, so don't be surprised if your family is only one of a few who attend. On the same hand, don't feel guilty if you are unable to go.

Q: Will Recruiters receive Conus Cola?

A: Conus Cola is only given to a very few areas in the United States. These areas have exceedingly high cost of living expenses. Cola, combined with the BAH for that area is to offset the costs in that area. As a general rule, most recruiters will not receive Conus Cola. For more information about Conus Cola check out this website from the Marine Corps Times.

Q: What are the hours?

A: This question is next to impossible to answer. Every recruiting station is different. If you are in an area that is military friendly you may be able to work less hours. Areas that are not welcoming of recruiters or military members may require longer hours to meet mission. Also, different times of the year will demand a different work load. There are also meetings, conferences, classes, and other things that need to be completed at the main Recruiting Station, which may necessitate an overnight stay. Another factor is how far away the schools are as well as the MEPS station. Both can lead to long driving times which increases work days.

Here is a (very) general guideline. The end of the month and the beginning of the month are usually busy. The RS must make mission by the 15th but preferably the first week of the month. If the RS makes mission your spouse may have  few days before the 15th that are less busy (not free, just not as bad). If the RS doesn't make mission expect extremely long hours during this time period (9,10, or 11pm). May is a tough month as Seniors are focusing on prom, graduation and finishing out the school year. December, surprisingly isn't too bad. 

More questions will be added. If you have a question not listed or have any suggestions, please feel free to Contact Me.