Family Visit

My mother-in-law is visiting us for a month and we've been spending time as a family. The children are so happy to see her.

Summer is halfway done and Mike is working to get his recruiters back to a normal schedule. So far they are working from 8am to 6pm every night. Wednesday nights they work until 8-9pm because they have a poole function. 

There have been budget cuts across the Marine Corps so I've noticed fewer trips to his command, which is good for us. Over all I think things are calming down a bit. September will be another busy time when school starts again. But for now things are looking pretty good. 

Next month, August, we're planning on taking a mini-vacation for 4 days. Not too far but we're going to see SeaWorld and go to an Amusement Park and have some fun. It should be a lot of fun and I know the kids will enjoy it. I'm also hoping it won't be so hot then as it is now.

In any case, July looks like a pretty easy month. Mike had off for the 4th of July and we got to see the fireworks. It's been pretty calm and nothing out of the ordinary has happened. 


  1. Enjoyed your blog -- I've got a friend who is newly married and joining the Marines, so it's fun to get this perspective.

  2. Christina8:25 PM

    Congratulations to your friend! The Marine Corp was the best thing that ever happened to my husband and I both. It's not always the easiest job in the world, but nothing ever is. Welcome to the Corps!