What a Day

Mike is away at his monthly meeting. He left yesterday around 4pm to drive to his command group. He was in a meeting all day long and the day. I woke up this morning not feeling well.  I swear when he is out of town everything goes downhill. Let me tell you about my day.

I went into the garage to change the laundry over and there's a huge water mark on the ceiling. I went into the attic and the air conditioner is leaking. My phone is broken so I couldn't even call the repair man. I shot Mike an email and he won't be able to deal with it until tomorrow. Wait, it gets better.

Because I wasn't feeling well I took a nap with the baby. After we woke up I jumped in the shower. I wasn't even in there for three minutes when my oldest daughter busted into the bathroom to tell me the gate was open and all of our dogs got out. 

Thanks for the exercise, Mom! - Meadow and Kaylee
I jumped out of the shower and threw clothes and sneakers on and rushed outside. Luckily some of our dogs where right here on our street. I snapped collars on them and rushed them into the house. Then I took off running after another dog I saw three streets down. I chased after them. I almost had her until they took off over a field. So there I was running through a freshly plowed field near a construction site. The dirt crumbled under my feet like sand, making my endeavor across the field that much more difficult.
Of course my dog continued to run away from me, thinking this was the best game ever. Luckily she ran into the bushes and there was a fence on the other side, thus stopping her progress. You would think she would have turned around and ran towards me. Instead she stood at the fence, waiting for me to catch up to her with a big smile on her face. Her tongue was hanging out and she was just so happy to have played cat and mouse with me. I snapped on her collar and made the walk all the way back to the house.
 It seems the dogs opened the gate and let themselves out of the back yard. They are not outside dogs and they don't spend long periods of time outside, especially in this heat. So I don't know how or why they decided they wanted to take themselves for a walk. All I know is that it wasn't fun. First thing tomorrow I will be buying a padlock for the gate!
While I was out chasing the dogs my neighbor called my husband who then called another Recruiter in his office. They pulled up to our house just as I was bringing the last dog back. So I got to talk to Mike who was not at all happy that the dogs got out. Especially since he was stuck in his car driving the 4 hours back to the house. 
My husband had asked the Recruiter and his wife to swing by and help me gather up the dogs. By the time they showed up I had all the dogs back inside the house safe and sound. They decided to come in and talk for awhile. The Recruiter was just finishing up his 3 years tour and is leaving in another month or two. We talked about how hard Recruiting duty is on the family, the Recruiter, and marriage. He said there is no secret that he knows of to get through it. 
We talked about how the first year is the hardest and how difficult it is to adjust. The best advice he gave me was to get involved in something that makes me happy. If that is work, school, sports, or something else. Finding something that I brings me pleasure will help with the long hours my husband is away. 
All I can hope is tomorrow is a better day. 

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  1. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Thanks. Wish there were more recent entries. My husband and I just started rd in houston. :) about 2 months in. It plays tricks on your emotions and self esteem. Very lonely. I know we can get through it, but it's gonna be a mountain.