Hectic Week

It's been a hectic week this week. Mya started another week of camp with the Art Museum this week. It goes from early morning to evening. That means we've been up early to get ready and have breakfast before she goes to camp. It also means that I've been going to the gym every morning which is a huge improvement. 

Mike's actually been after me because he's paying for my gym membership and I haven't been going. It's just  that going to the gym every day takes up a huge chunk of time. Not the actual gym part but the drive over and back and then showering and changing. Okay, I'm whining and making excuses... But still...

Anyway, after the gym it's been rush home and entertain Lily while trying to get some work done. If you have little ones I'm sure you understand how hard it is to get things done with them underfoot. I'm sure I've mentioned that Lily is a year and a half old. The best time to get things done without interruptions is at night. But then Mike wants me to spend time with him at night. So it's a never ending cycle of trying to occupy her, get work done, clean the house and have everything done by the time Mike gets home so we can have family time. It makes the days long and short if you know what I mean.

Then it's rush across town to get Mya and come home to start dinner. Mike has been coming home earlier this week anywhere from 6-7pm. It's a nice change, but it also means that are schedules are off now. As much as I love my husband and I'm glad he's home in time to see the kids, his presence means that things don't run as smoothly as they should. Not that they don't get done, they just don't get done my way. That's usually not a big deal but I've gotten use to him not being here. When he's here the children and the dogs all want Daddy. And Daddy of course wants to spend time with everyone. 

This means that baths don't get started on time and bedtimes get pushed back. It also means that he's playing with the baby while I'm helping my oldest get ready for the camp the next day. That means that by the time I put Lily down for bed she's wide awake from rough housing with Daddy. Aggravating to say the least.

My schedule may not run on time and I may get frustrated, but it is good to see him spending time with the children. They enjoy it so much when he's home with them. Lily starts yelling as soon as she hears the door open and runs to him and the dogs go running as well. Mya usually comes running as well and I have to just sit back and life. I never get greeted that way, but hey, I'm just Mommy, right :) .

So now the night is creeping on towards midnight and I'm completely exhausted. Mike's been sleeping now for awhile. He actually fell asleep putting the oldest to bed. It's been a tiring week for him as well. I finally got him out of her room and he fell onto the couch. Guess he'll be sleeping there tonight. Actually, I bet he'll wake up in another hour or two disoriented and wondering what happened to the day. Hopefully he'll be able to go back to sleep after that.

Well, my eyes are closing and my brain is turning to mush. I know I'm starting to babble, so I will bid you a good night. Tomorrow is Thursday and I have to run Lily to story time at the library. That is after I drop off Mya at camp and finish at the gym. Another busy day ahead!

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