Father's Day

Father's Day was nice. I'd say great, but Mike didn't want a big fuss this year. He lost his father early this year and this was his first Father's Day without him. We miss Miguel very much. So Mike didn't want much to do this year. But he did get to do whatever he wanted.

He had to go in to work in the morning, so the girls and I went to church without him. We met back at the house afterwards. Mike got home late as usual so we ended up eating lunch without him. I have to admit I was a little annoyed that he was late and we got into a small argument. Mike took a nap as did the girls so it was a quiet afternoon.

After his nap he opened his card. I pre-ordered the new HTC Evo 3D Cellphone from Sprint. It comes out on Friday so I printed a picture out from the Internet and stuck the gift card in his Father's Day card along with the pre-order receipt. He was happy and surprised. He didn't expect that at all. I hope the phone is nice since I  did spend a pretty penny on it, but he really wants it.

We went out for dinner, just somewhere small and then after the kids went to bed we watched a movie together. It was a nice day. Not overly complex or exciting, but still nice just the same. It might not have been amazing, but it was what he wanted. And Father's Day is after all about the Father right?

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