Another Lonely Night

The week is almost over and I'm ready for the weekend. It's been a long week. Mya attended a day camp all week through one of the local churches. She was able to learn about tennis and then did some martial arts training. She really enjoyed it, but the camp runs in the afternoon. The bus picked her up at 12:50pm and then dropped her off at 5:45pm. This disrupted Lily's sleep time and she's been grumpy and off schedule. It also means that she hasn't been sleeping well at night either.

Mya, on the other hand, has been absolutely thrilled. She comes home excited and happy, talking so fast I can barely understand what she's saying! It's good to see her so happy. I just wish that the camp would have been in the morning not till later in the evening.

I have been very unmotivated this week as well. I haven't gotten as much work done as I had hoped. I planned on cleaning out the garage as well and moving some things to the attic, but its been over a 100 degrees here and the garage is not climate controlled. I did however rearrange Mya's room and paint her bookcase. She now has a lavender colored bookcase in her pink and green room. It looks great and I surprised her with it when she came home. She didn't even know I was painting it!

Mike has been working later than normal this week. He had more guests from HQ come down this week, as I think I mentioned in another post. They were here for two days and then the other night he had to drive back and forth to MEPS because he forgot to give someone his package. He's been really stressed all week long and then he had to drive up there and back in one day. Last night he had a pool function at his office and he was home by 7.

Tonight he had to drive back up to HQ because they are having their monthly SNCOIC meeting. He had to go early because they had a moral night. It is basically where all the SNCOICs go out together and have fun, relieve stress, and have a few beers. Mike doesn't drink, so he's usually the designated driver. I hope he gets some sleep tonight.

He should be home by tomorrow night and then he's home all day Saturday. Sunday, Father's Day, he has to be in at work at 9:00am. But we should be be done with church around the same time he's done with work. Maybe we'll go out to eat for lunch or I can make a nice Sunday lunch and we'll celebrate Father's Day. We got him a pretty nice gift this year, so I can't wait for him to open it. I'll tell you what it is, but just in case he reads this... I want it to be a surprise!

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