Memorial Day Weekend

It's Memorial Day weekend and the end of the school year here. My oldest finished 3rd grade on Friday and we went out to celebrate. We had dinner and then came home and had a family movie night. Mya really loved it and so did Lily. We watched Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakual and Lily was dancing to the music. The kids had a blast and Mike and I had fun watching them.

Yesterday Mike had to attend a High School Graduation of his poolee's (The young men and women who have contracted to join the Marine Corps, but haven't left yet). So he left at 6pm last night and was gone for a few hours for that. I put the kids to bed myself and waited for him to get home. We watched the Hit List which was really good before falling into bed.

This morning we woke up to get to church. He didn't have any shipping out today which was nice. After church we headed up to the lake. I was going to have a Memorial Day barbecue here at the house, but one of his poolees was having one at the lake. That meant that my plans got canceled so we could attend their party. It was over 100 degrees today and just hot. We got there early and hung out. I didn't know anyone, so it was a little awkward. Mike went to play basketball and I was disappointed to find that the other Recruiter's wives didn't come. The kids were miserable, it was hot, and when he was done playing basketball we left.

Of course Mike was a little upset that I wanted to leave so early, but it was so hot and I felt uncomfortable. I've a very shy person in a group. I have a hard time walking up to people and talking to people. I'd much rather meet someone first and then interact with them. I also felt shafted, because I wanted to do my get together this weekend and couldn't. Maybe I was selfish, I don't know. But after Mike working late every night and not getting to spend time with him, I just wanted to be my family. Not a bunch of strangers.

In any case, summer is here even if it isn't official summer yet. It's been in the 90s for at least 3 months now, so we're ready to get our pool passes. Mya is signed up for 2 summer camps, so that will take care of 2 weeks. We are also making plans for me and the girls to go visit our family in July. Mike's mom is all alone so we want to see her and then see my mom and brothers and their families. It should be fun, and the girls will have a blast. The plane tickets are expensive, but not much to be done for that. I'm not about to drive three days with 2 girls alone.

Tomorrow should be good. It's Memorial Day and Mike is running with some of his poolees in the morning. After that he's all ours! Maybe I'll fire up the grill in the afternoon and we can have some wings and burgers! This summer is bound to be fun, if nothing than I get to spend quality time with my girls. It will also be the first summer we've ever gone home. We've always taken vacations home together before, so this will be different.

Being a Marine Corps Recruiter is hard. Being a Marine Corps Wife is hard too...

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